Our Strength And Conditioning program is a group of fun classes with a variety of strength and conditioning workouts, scalable for any level athlete. These classes consist of high intensity workouts and weightlifting .




Nutrition/Macro Coaching


This is a great place to meet your fitness goals. Coach Wes, Tanya, and the other gym members are super welcoming and friendly! I gained 10 pounds of muscle and can now do 5 pull ups without assistance or kipping. I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without Alpha Family Fitness!

Kelly H

Alpha Family Fitness has been such a great experience. I really like the team environment. It has been so helpful to speak to members that have been on the same health and lifestyle journey; their insights and advice compliment the consistency and diligence of the training sessions. It is encouraging to see my progress through the tracking technology they offer. Exercises that once seemed complicated have become second nature and at the end of every workout; a real sense of accomplishment. One of my favorite things to do is walk in and look up at the board only to think to myself, "There's no way I can do that" and yet within the hour; it gets done. The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment granted by their workouts is something you can't put in a pill or read in a book. Alpha Family Fitness builds better fitness through hard work and consistency. They have made such a positive impact in my life that I recommend them wholeheartedly and encourage anyone reading this review to swing by for a visit.

Juan Gonzalez

My son and I have both been attending the boxing class together for about 2 years. We both absolutely love the environment that fosters a hard work attitude. If you want to be pushed to reach your full potential, this is the place for you.

Jason Barnhouse

By far the boxing training/workouts and Coach Wes is where its at!! Coach Wes is that push I needed. "As long as your moving your winning"

Jessica Aparicio

Not only do you have a variety of workouts where you are learning new techniques but you also get the chance to learn about different nutrition plans with the fitness challenges. My first fitness challenge was a little over a year ago and I still use some of the information I learned during that time! I have been involved in 3 fitness challenges and have lost a total of 35lbs! It’s just a great place to get your health in check!

Melissa White

I’m sooo happy that I found Alpha Family Fitness! I’m grateful for their love and support! The workouts are intense, yet amazing! Coach Wes pushes you to reach new limits each time you step into the gym! I love my FitFam!

Mariah Jenkins

Great with my 12yr old son! He loves Coach Wes. #Keeppushing.

Darrel Jackson

Alpha Family Fitness is a great place to grow as an athlete. You are given the opportunity to develop skills to help you in your daily life. Alpha Family Fitness has a great bond between members and are very welcoming to new members!

Allison Hohenstein

Wes' boxing class comes in at a very affordable price and has really helped get me back in shape. 5 classes a week plus a lot of one on one attention for a very reasonable price!

Raul Estrada

Coach Wes will help you reach your goals! AFF is a great place for the whole family. All fitness levels are welcome.

Jarrett Erwin

This is a great gym full of good people who are genuinely supportive of each other and Coach Wes really knows how to get your butt in shape!

Laura L. Wise Garcia r

Great coach, equipment, members, and atmosphere!

Stan Masek

Is a great place to bring your kids to work out.

Victoria Alcántar

Alpha Family Fitness is so much more than a gym! Wes has created an environment (and leads by example) for anyone to succeed and to accomplish the best version of themselves. In addition to the training aspect, Wes and his team goes above and beyond by providing resources material about nutrition, supplements, muscle recovery, etc. Wes is dedicated to the community and his athletes. I can’t imagine training anywhere else.

Gina Williams

Great place to get in your daily work out. Several different options on class times to accommodate your schedule. All that and a Great Family environment for all ages! Can't wait for tomorrows work out! Don't be afraid to be great!

Dustin Keith

Not a boxing fitness gym like other franchises you see around. This is a legit boxing gym, and coach Wes is awesome. He knows his stuff, and his coaching techniques are great. Also a weight training/conditioning program if you choose.

Mark T

Coach Wes is outstanding and would highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to learn boxing. Also, the cold plunge is amazing and worth the price. They have the Plunge and it is perfect.


This gym has been one of our best finds since moving to Wylie a couple years ago. Thoughtfully planned, challenging workouts, new facility and equipment and an awesome and varied community of people just trying to get better. My wife and I love working out in the mornings here before work, and this this is one of the few places that I know which offer classes early enough to work with our schedule. Coach Wes and Tanya are both great, and definitely keep us all motivated 💪🏽. The program provides access to tools which track your progress and goals, and even provides demonstrations of new/advanced exercises.

Mo Hutch

Coach Wes has earned immense respect in my eyes, the mindset and discipline he instills in his students resembles that of sophisticated publications and successful thought leaders. I’ve spoken to many great men in this gym, one of which I hope to become.

Rohan Singh Gangar

Alpha Family Fitness is a top-notch facility with a positive, welcoming atmosphere. Coach Wes is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and motivating. They helped me achieve my fitness goals by reducing my weight and increasing my strength. I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to improve their fitness!

kabindra koirala

Best gym in Wylie, TX!!

Cal Brown

Coach Wes is a great coach he is constantly pushing your limits and Tanya adds to it with a great nutrition program that personally I was getting results immediately. I highly recommend coming to the gym and using the strength and conditioning and the nutrition program.

Ali Kayyas

This is a phenomenal gym, and in my opinion, the best one in the area--without a doubt. Tanya and Wes run their programs with integrity and with their client's best interests in mind. The Alpha Family community is warm, welcoming, encouraging, and hard-working--all qualities that this gym attracts and traits Tanya and Wes foster. If you are looking for a solid group of people to workout with, or advocates to have in you and your kids' circle, check them out! This is a great place to be!

Kristie Duchesne