Alpha Lifestyle Challenge

During week one, we all really focused on adjustment, learning how to make time for the healthy cooking and meal prepping. Also, on how to make that lifestyle change with the rest of the family. Making it a part of the family is one of the most important things we believe in, and one of the most rewarding things that we have got to hear about from the Alpha Lifestyle Challenge participants. Really, the whole purpose of this is to help make better lifestyle choices, and for those surrounding us. After all, who and what we surround ourselves with, becomes our lifestyle.

My husband is the cook in the household, so he cooks and I block our meals out accordingly.  Works out great!

With the change in our diets and the increase in our water intake, the off the scale progress in week one focused on physical effects such as bloating, our ability to concentrate better, our energy levels, mindful eating and our feelings about diet control. Surveys revealed a significant decrease in bloating for almost everyone and a slight improvement on concentration levels.

The weigh in was an exciting part! The guys smashed the weight loss category, but the ladies made up for it with their overall lifestyle points. Ultimately putting them ahead of the game 239-217!! We had a total of 67.8 pounds lost in week one!

The ladies continued to stay ahead with a score of 470-335 in week two! At the half way point, the off the scale progress surveys revealed that most people were able to feel a slight improvement in there fitness level and performance in the gym! Must be that extra weight everyone had shed off  Mother’s day hit this week, so we let everyone have a free day to honor the ladies, and even with that, overall we did not see a down fall in progress! That is such a great thing to see!

Week three, there was a total of 120.9 pounds lost in the gym!! The guys accounted for 70.4 pounds and the ladies accounted for 50.5 pounds! Near the end and we couldn’t be more impressed with the Alpha Lifestyle Challenge participants. Off the scale progressed revealed a significant increase in awareness in choices being made, confidence and overall wellbeing!! Still a learning curve, but things really seemed to click this week and most everyone expressed excitement of this lifestyle extending passed our 28 day challenge!

Finally! The final results in week four, the ladies finished well ahead with a total score of 724 and the guys 613! The ladies are lifestyle champs! What a great job everyone did changing bad habits to healthy habits, losing weight and body fat and making progress in their fitness levels! As a total our group of 19 athletes we had lost 141 pounds and 41% body fat!! It was a great reward to see everyone’s hard work pay off!! Until the next time….. eat clean and train dirty!!


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