It’s Something You Feel It’s a Part of Who You Are

New Name – Same Purpose

When was the last time you witnessed a tragedy due to bullying and the personal battles of others? Whether it was directly or indirectly by watching the local news, or even listening to a friend’s story?  Have you considered that the turmoil and pain that spread publicly has not disappeared, but slipped away in the privacy of the loved ones? We rarely hear or talk about the other tragedies of bullying, less abrasive to the eye.  The silent battles one may be facing every day; the grieving from a lost loved one, or the lost perception of what a loved one resembled, the sadness and tears that fall behind closed doors, the fear of rejection and abandonment, the self-loafing and absence of self-worth.  This could go on with addition of shame, depression, anxiety, etc but verbiage really doesn’t matter; the point is there is a lack of LOVE and the disasters caused by bullying are far beyond what we pretend to comprehend. Too often bullying goes unnoticed or ignored.  While it is not possible to live in total alignment with others, the way in which we choose to live and treat others remains in our own control. Rachel’s Challenge is a non-profit organization that is based off the life of Rachel Joy Scott, the first victim of the Columbine High School massacre. This program provides an evidence-based framework that is known to create a positive change in the environment and cultures in schools. You can learn more about Rachel’s Challenge here. We made a commitment in 2015 to live by Rachel’s Challenges; they are a part of our lifestyle. Rachel’s Challenges are to 1) Look for the Best in others 2) Dream big 3) Choose positive influences 4) Speak with Kindness 5) Start your own chain reaction. Be a person that makes a difference, become a part of this wonderful chain reaction by supporting the Wylie ISD Friends of Rachel Program. This program brings Rachel’s Challenge to the school and engages and influences the students each year. We have seen this program and how powerful it is and want to help support the opportunity for each child to be a part purposeful transformation. If you would like to compete at our next competition, October 21, 2017 register here. If you would like to learn how you can be involved by volunteering, sponsoring or donating please contact us at


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