Don’t Let Rhabdo Creep Up On You

What is Rhabdo?
Rhabdomyolysis, , also known as rhabdo, is a rare condition that is caused by anything that can cause muscle injury, whether it’s by direct or indirect impact.

Can even you be at risk?
Absolutely! Under the right circumstances, any athlete can find themselves battling this rare, but dangerous condition.

Exercise-induced rhabdo is caused by the trauma from intense exercise with excess repetitions. The most common circumstances that puts one at risk are, particularity if an athlete has taken a period of training off, new to intense workouts or even elite athletes that are known to be mentally strong and driven to push their bodies beyond a state of stress for long periods of time.

Training under these circumstances essentially can cause a halt in oxygen availability when compared to the demand from the muscles and cause muscle breakdown.

How can you prevent Rhabdo?
First – HYDRATE! We can not stress enough about drinking plenty of water, every day! Not just the days you plan to work out. Be very mindful of hydrating, especially with the heat of summer on its way. Dehydration is a very common culprit for many unfortunate events for an athlete in training.

Second – LISTEN TO YOUR COACH! Your coach is your main advocate in the gym, if they are scaling workouts tailored for you, whether it is decreasing the reps, time or a combination of both it is for your benefit and your safety in mind to ensure that you’re not under a significant amount of stress for a long period of time.

Third – Be mindful of your body and its needs. Are you recovering well? Meaning, are you so sore from the previous day’s workout, that moving around doesn’t make it better? Did you just get hit with an illness that you are recovering from? Are you eating healthy and drinking plenty of fluids? If any of these things are impacting the way you feel on any particular day, perhaps you should consider scaling, slowing down or even taking a recovery day. Communicate this with your coach; they can always help you plan accordingly.

What are the symptoms of rhabdo?
The most common symptoms that you should pay attention to are extreme swelling and soreness the day after a fierce workout. Trust me, the soreness that we are talking about will be extremely different from the soreness you feel after completing one of our common hero wods. Also, if you have dark almost brown urine, you have rhabdo.
If you experience any of these symptoms after a fierce workout, you should be seen by a physician immediately. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment the better chances you have of avoiding complications such as renal failure, even death and expecting a full recovery.
Alright now, don’t be afraid to come to the gym, push yourself and crush your goals! Just eat right, hydrate, listen your coach and your body! And hydrate some more!



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