Alpha Lifestyle Challenge

May 1st started our first 28 day Alpha Lifestyle Challenge!! The purpose of this challenge is to introduce healthier lifestyle choices and provide constant support and guidance to those willing to step into this journey.

This program introduces a balanced nutrition format that focuses on sticking to lean meats, avoiding large portions of breads and pasta and getting most of your carbs from vegetables and fruits. It is a very basic format for anyone that may have difficulty with measuring foods and gets overwhelmed with diet control. Some others that would like to take more advanced actions in their diet we are recommending to follow the Zone Meal Plan.

The other goal is getting everyone more active and in the gym at least three times a week, which is why, to make things convenient, we decided to offer unlimited access to both our strength and conditioning program and boxing program during this 28 day challenge. We know that in reality, some of us travel for work, life gets busy with the kids, etc and making to our gym, or any gym can be nearly impossible. That is why our coach will offer a work out plan for anyone that can be done with body weight anywhere at the park, the house, or in a hotel, etc.

This program is structured to build and measure a healthy foundation not just with an arbitrary number that comes off the scale. Our weekly accountability weigh in sessions focus on off the scale measurements such as physical effects, brain function, energy levels, fitness and exercise ability, food relationships and behaviors that drive our lifestyle choices.

Everyone started with an InBody scan and will receive one at the end of the challenge for comparison, provided by our friends at Max Muscle in Rockwall Tx. This will provide the ultimate measuring tool for the progress in each individual.

We had an even amount of guys and girls enroll, so now, it’s a Battle of the Sexes!! Who will have the highest total score of their weekly lifestyle points, pounds lost and percentage of body fat lost?? Stick around to see how this rolls out.


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